Introducing The Managers

Roham Habibi

CEO and shareholder

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In today’s global industrial landscape, organizations that prioritize creativity and innovation and embrace flexibility in the face of environmental changes tend to succeed in competition. If today the name “North Shimiplast Company” is remembered as a symbol of trust, and if we consider creativity in service delivery as our key advantage, it is backed by over 16 years of experience and leadership in the recycling industry. The unique support and collective efforts of the managers and employees of North Shimiplast Company have been our most important asset on this journey. Undoubtedly, maintaining past achievements and aligning with future developments and challenges require a comprehensive approach to all forward-looking factors, continuous improvement in product quality and quantity, utilization of new knowledge and technologies, and doubled efforts from all company collaborators and staff.

Aqeel Haji Hashemi

Chairman Of The Board And Shareholder

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Mahdi Tafakheri

Factory Manager

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Maziar Karimi

Production and productivity manager

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Siavash Afarashte

Director of Research And Development Unit

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Fateme Ghasemian

Production Planning Manager

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