Park has been hotwashed

Park has been hotwashed

Production of various hot washed pellets with impurities less than 30ppm:

– Double hot washed white pellets without milky white impurities for granule and sheet production.
– White hot washed pellets for polyester fiber production.
– Multicolor hot washed pellets mixed with five colors.
– Green and brown hot washed pellets.
– Yellow hot washed pellets.
– Milky white hot washed pellets.
– Grade A washed white lids and labels.
– Washed colored lids and labels.

Additional Product Description

Today, PET recycling has become increasingly competitive due to its various applications and the reuse of recycled PET. The expanding range of applications for recycled PET is growing day by day compared to the past.

Since utilizing recycled PET for product manufacturing is cost-effective, replacing it with virgin materials significantly interests producers and investors. The extension of PET recycling applications, considering the enhancement of properties through blending recycled PET with fibers, alloys, and compounding with other thermoplastics, will lead to specific applications. Consequently, the use of recycled materials will expand in engineering applications, intensifying competition with engineering plastics.

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